As a Board Certified Physician and Surgeon, Medical Director, coach, business consultant I use my experience to give communities, corporations, and students a chance to achieve extraordinary success on every level – especially in the areas of health and wellness.

My passions include leading efforts to transform communities in the areas of women’s health, primary care, and preventative medicine, while improving health disparities in underserved areas. Also, nothing means more to me than being able to give back through my extensive student mentoring and coaching programs.


My goals include leveraging my experience as a medical professional, role model, leader, and facilitator to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care, influence public policy on a local and national level, and act as an eager and dedicated liaison between patients, insurance companies, and healthcare administrators.

My tenacity to see change happen has inspired me to develop an exclusive suite of technology and tools designed to ensure all my clients can achieve their health and business goals – EVERY TIME!